Our purpose at Ransom Writers & Speakers is to restore love to those who have fallen out of love. To redeem those who are without identity, lost - held captive by lies. To resurrect moral and social consciousness to those that are living under the influence of thoughts and actions that are counter- productive.

"The Tongue is a Pen of a Ready Writer"

[Executing Grace] is an invitation to build a world where we reject all forms of killing, both legal and illegal. It is a call to join a movement where grace gets the last word. Shane Claiborne’s brilliant book reminds us that without forgiveness, there is no future.”
—Desmond Tutu

Shane Claiborne's new book EXECUTING GRACE is on sale June 7th. Learn more at http://executinggrace.com and join the social movement to abolish the death penalty!


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Authored by Muta El-Amin
Illustrated by David James

This book is intended to be fun and engaging for all readers. Join Amya, Mittens, and the Munsters on a night of adventure.... 

About the author:
Hello readers,
My name is Muta El-Amin. Becoming a parent changed my way of thinking. There is no replacement for actual time invested when it comes to your child's educational, and social development. This book marks a moment of completion and transition for me, and I'm going to own it!!!
Thanks again... 

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Michael Myers is the author of

The 13th Step,

a Journey in Love and Recovery:

A personal story of overcoming substance addiction

and discovering

Love is the answer.


Brother Erich Will be speaking in front of Jamesburg youth facility tomorrow calling for its closure!